elcome to the Regimental website of The Royal Winnipeg Rifles, Western Canada’s oldest Infantry Regiment

The Royal Winnipeg Rifles is an Infantry Regiment, a unit of the Canadian Forces Primary Reserve. The Royal Winnipeg Rifles fall under the command of the 38 Canadian Brigade Group, a Brigade within the 3rd Canadian Division, which is responsible for all Army units from Northwestern Ontario to British Columbia.

Based out of Minto Armouries in Winnipeg Manitoba, The Royal Winnipeg Rifles are the premier Infantry unit in Manitoba, founded in 1883, with a long and proud history of service to Canada and the Crown.
The officers and men of The Royal Winnipeg Rifles train as Infantry soldiers: their task “to close with, and destroy the enemy”. As a Light Infantry unit, soldiers are taught field craft, weapons handling, navigation, infantry tactics and other skills, many of which originated Rifle Regiments of the British Army. These tactics, developed in the early 1800s under Colonel Coote Manningham, were a departure from the tactics used by the Line Infantry of the day.
Cpl Shillington Helmand 2006
From service in the Nile Expedition, the Northwest Rebellion, the Boer War in South Africa, both World Wars, the Korean conflict, and more recently, Croatia, the Sudan, Bosnia, the Balkans and Afghanistan, the Regiment continues to serve Canada in its traditional fashion – with professionalism and determination.

NB11Closer to home, The Royal Winnipeg Rifles have contributed to emergency and aid to the civil power efforts, and have been tasked with a secondary role as one of four Arctic Response Companies, formed in 2009. The unit remains a highly respected and integral component of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Not to be forgotten, the Regimental Band has been a vital part of the Regiment since its inception, providing musical support for countless parades, dinners and ceremonies for the Regiment and other units across the country, and a variety of public performances. Never shirking their primary Band Juno Beachrole as soldiers, bandsmen of The Royal Winnipeg Rifles have accompanied the Regiment during its major conflicts in Africa, the Northwest Rebellion, and Europe during both World Wars, fulfilling their traditional battlefield role as stretcher bearers and other support functions, and most recently in Kabul, Afghanistan in a support staff role.

The Regimental Band continues to represent the Regiment and its presence within the community of Winnipeg, keeping The Royal Winnipeg Rifles in the hearts and minds of its citizens. When Winnipeggers think of the army, they think of The Royal Winnipeg Rifles, in no small part due to the Regimental Band.

To quote Rudyard Kipling: “No one, not even the adjutant, can say for certain where the soul of the battalion lives; but the expression of that soul is most often found in the band”.

This website is dedicated to all soldiers of the Regiment, past, present and future, and has been established to provide them with an outlet to further their knowledge and appreciation for their Regiment, and provides the general public an opportunity to learn about The Royal Winnipeg Rifles, a universally respected Regiment.
Armourial Crest1885 Monument Finial
All aspects of the Regiment are represented: the Battalion, Senate, Association, Regimental Band and Museum, and its affiliated Cadet Corps, all have pages dedicated to describe their fundamental contribution to what is best described as the Regimental Family.

Please feel free to explore and enjoy the Regimental website of The Royal Winnipeg Rifles, and sign the guest book with any comments or questions.

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