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  1. Hi, My father was in WW11 landed on Juno on DDay, Royal Winnipeg Rifles, he was one that was injured, he passed away when he was 72, so lucky he lived and had a good life but never talked about the war. William ( Bill) Cook July 23, 1919, I have his medals, where can I get his Record of service a copy. He was from Winnipeg MB thank you so much. Grandkids would like to know more about him. Appreciate your help, and thank you . I am his 2nd daughter.

  2. I just discovered that my Grandfather and Great Uncle were twin brothers James Gavin and Gordon Thomas Jones Both served with the RWR in WW1 I had thought that they were just brothers until I realized that they were born same year a day apart which I had not noticed on their attestation paers . Thanks Rick T

  3. I was looking for information on my grandfather and great uncle both I believe served with the RWR during WW1 their names were James Gavin Jones regimental # 2129759 and Gordon Thomas Jones regimenal # 187830 Thanks Rick T

  4. Hello, my uncle Danial ( Dan) Kreger was a member of RWR he was involved in the D-Day invasion. I would like to find out what scope and where his involvement was. He was from Harris Hill (Rainy River) Ontario when he Inlisted. Thank you. Greg Kreger

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