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  1. Could I get a contact e-mail for the curator of the Minto Museum ? I have several items and photo’s of my grandfather’s who was in the Winnipeg Grenadiers pre- WW I that I’m sure they’d be interested in . He was Sgt. Major J.A.B. McClure .
    Thank you .

  2. Bonjour le Canada,
    Can you give me the composition of Captain P. Gower’s
    company B of Royal Winnipeg Rifles during the June 6,1944
    assault on Juno Beach.
    Surnames and Christian names of the 150 soldiers with Reg. No if it’s possible.
    I trace the course of Rifleman RUDD, Edward Raymond H103881 in the Battle of Normandy . He belongs to the Royal Winnipeg Rifles B Company.He was one of 26 survivors with Captain Gower at Juno Beach.He was captured in Putot-en-Bessin on june 8,1944 and strafed on june 11 in Saint-Georges-Des-Groseillers.He is a prisoner of war in Germany in stalag IV B and released on avril 14,1945 by the Americains.He died on january 6, 2009 in Manitou, MB, Canada.
    I look for all informations about the rifleman Ray RUDD and people who met him or knew him.
    Excuse me for my english translation, I’m French.
    Merci and lest we forget.

  3. Greetings, my business is making custom jewellery. I ve been in Winnipeg for 25 years.

    Some time back I bought out an older jewellery making business.
    I have been down sizing and sorting through some vintage metal dies that were created through that business which was also located in Winnipeg since 1909. It was once belonged to the Dingwall die makers. It was next owned by Mackenzie Clay Co.
    Then by Clay Law up till 1990s then owned by CALLaw (you can access their old website still)
    From what I understand the old CLAY LAW firm stamped many military pins and badges.
    I have some pressings in metal for your organization.

  4. My father Sgt Peter Carne of the British Royal Engineers was attached to the Winnipeg Rifles during the Normandy Landings. He was a surveyor, a specialty I believe required to survey and prepare for the erection of Bailey bridges, to replace those bridges destroyed. He landed with the Winnipeg Rifles on Juno beach on June 8th at 07.40, having been delayed by tides and poor weather. I have his handwritten diary of the events.
    He is 96, but pretty hearty and we wonder what the WF are planning to celebrate their battle honours in Europe. If his health continues we intend to take him back to France in June 2020 to celebrate the 75th anniversary.

  5. Hello I am trying to find out more information about my uncle rifleman Mervyn Robinson who landed D-Day and was killed in battle taking the Caen airport . I am having hard time gathering his information . if there is anything you can do to help it would be appreciated . I was named after him and would like to know more. Thank You
    Mervin Robinson

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