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  1. Are the Winnipeg Grenadiers represented by any active reserve or private organization in Winnipeg.

    1. Mr. Dauphinee,

      I have forwarded your inquiry to the museum. Someone will contact you shortly to assist.

      WO Beaudry

  2. Hello Jeff the man you speak of was my father Joseph A Marischuk and married his war bride from Belgium and had four kids .

  3. My father was in The Royal Winnipeg Rifles in WW2 and was wondering if it is possible to find out where my fathers regiment was during the war.

  4. Hello
    I have been trying to find information on The Winnipeg Grenadiers. An archivist from the museum of regiments thought copies of the Grenadier regimental diaries might be kept at your museum. I’m just looking to confirm or if you can direct me to where I might find them. I’m wondering if its possible to obtain copies. I’m looking for the period of 1939-45. I’m specifically trying to find more information on the second battalion that landed at Kiska.

    Thank You
    Jean-Paul Tremblay

  5. I am looking for the book from your kit shop called “The Little Black Devils “… The story of the Royal Winnipeg Rifles. Do you have it and how much is it with shipping. Also do you have a group pic of the Enlisted men that served at Camp Shilo in Manitoba during WW2. Thanks, Cindy

  6. This is more of a question, my father who passed on 11/9/15 was with The Royal Winnipeg Rifles on D-day on Normandy. Would like to know if I could possibly wear his blazer with the Regimental Crest in remembrance of him. Thanks in advance for your reply

  7. I was wondering if there is someone I could email about joining the infantry reserves

    1. Good day sir

      Yes, the virtual tour is very large, which makes it slow, but in preparation for a complete renovation, we wanted to preserve the museum as it is today. We may perhaps try cutting the file into “sections” to make smaller files.

      Thank you

      WO Beaudry

  8. My father Cledwyn Williams (Cled) joined The Winnipeg Rifles in the First World War I believe in 1914. I have a photograph of a Roll of Honour of 52 volunteers which apparently resided in Holmfield Church. I don’t know the address of this church or whether it still exists. Is there way you are able to confirm this? Would there be anyway of discovering what actions my father was engaged in in the war? He survived and died in 1964

    Many thanks
    Trevor Williams

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