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  1. My family were friends of James Booth when he was stationed in our small Hampshire village Headley. Jim was in a tent encampment in the grounds of Windridge house. He visited our house on numerous occasions often eating with us. I was horrified when I learned that he had been brutally murdered by the SS. I visited his grave about five or six years ago and intend going again one more time next year 2018. I am now eighty three years of age

  2. During the d day landings with the Winnipeg rifles a private William James Booth was captured and later murdered by the fanatical SS. This soldier had become a good friend to our family whilst billeted in tent encampments at Windridge in Headley Hampshire. I’m wondering if this soldier has any relatives who I might contact to talk about Jim during his stay in our small Hampshire village all those many years ago. I visited his grave within the past eight years and intend going over again next year 2018 to place a wreath

    1. You might try getting a hold of my uncle who was with the rifles on d day. He might known him. Jim Parks you can Google him he’s been on a number of news shows and amazing race in France for the 70 th.

  3. Have you tried looking on a They military sections, it’s a lot of work looking for someone. Also try the Winnipeg census. I found my grandmother on there. Good luck.

  4. I am looking for information on a WWI soldier by the name of James Cameron who resided at 440 McGee St in Winnipeg. I know he eventually ended up in the British Columbia Regiment but wondered if you had any record of him. Thank you so much!

  5. My father, Hans (John) Max Joachim Wolpe fought with the Winnipeg Rifles as a stateless Jew. If anyone out there knows him would you please get in touch with me? I am doing a documentary about him. Many Thanks, Lisa Wolpe

  6. My father John William (Jack) Parks and my uncle Jim Parks were in the first wave at Juno Beach D-Day. My father passed away in 1977, but he stayed in the military all his life and was working and Minto when he passed. My uncle has lived on to tell the stories on CBC, books, last was on amazing race for the 70 anniversary. I am trying to find military records on my grandfather who was in WW1. George Parks he was around 42 years old in WW1. No one really knows anything about him or his family; he was born around 1873, they say he was born in Ontario, he had been married once before and had one son. I would like to find some records of him for my uncle so he knows something of his father. My dad’s and uncle mothers name was Amy Louise if that helps.

  7. My great uncle was Lieutenant Cyril Cornwallis Stevenson, and he wounded in the assault at Vimy, and decorated for gallantry. I would like to find out more about his service. I came across “officer’s declaration paper” saying he was in 100th Grenadiers. Was this the Winnipeg Rifles?

  8. Hi! I am wondering if there is any way to find out about my paternal Grandfather’s service? First name Stanislaw (Stanley) Prosolowski.

  9. Have you thought of identifying the men you are honouring at the Lives of the First World War website? I am a volunteer encouraging Canadian participation and would be happy to offer you some assistance.
    Here’s a community I set up last year. You will find my email link in the heading.

  10. Hi there, I was wondering whether the Rifles would be interested in participating in a day that my students and I are planning for April 7th at Kelvin. We are going to book the library for the whole day to set up a commemorative event to remember the Vimy 100th, Canada and the First World War and we will also pay tribute to the over 40 First World War Kelvin High School soldiers (some of whom were rifles) who died overseas. In the morning, we hope to have guest speakers, project displays that will remember the war from multiple perspectives, virtual reality simulation of First World War scenes, music, video, etc. We are planning to have a First World War themed lunch as well. In the afternoon, Robert Falcon Ouellette, John Orlikow and Jim Carr have been invited to join us. Wab Kinew has already agreed to come. At about 2:30, a group of us will walk together across the bridge over to Vimy Ridge Memorial Park in Mr Ouellette’s riding. At about 3:00, we will hold a short ceremony where we will lay a wreath, play the last post, and we will have Cam Kilgour (a former student and the great great nephew of John McCrae) read in Flanders Fields.

    I thought the Rifles might be interested in this day. It would be amazing to have a few people come to our school dressed in First World War uniforms (if that is possible). We also would love for you to be a part of our pilgrimage walk and the ceremony. Let me know what you think and how you might help us enhance this commemorative day. Thanks

    Chris Young
    Kelvin High School Social Studies Department Head

    1. My Grandfather was in WW1 in 8th Battalion (90th Winnipeg Rifles), Dalton Massie from Winnipeg Manitoba. This is a very good thing you are doing.

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