Regimental Alliance

A regimental alliance is essentially an informal link between and Canadian and British Army Regiments that share common traditions. In 1903, the newly appointed General Officer Commanding the Canadian Militia, General, The Earl of Dundonald, toured the regiments under his command, and noted that many of them had copied the titles and uniforms of their British counterparts.

Earl Dundonald immediately saw the benefits of this practice – camaraderie, a link with the past and enhanced opportunities for Canadian Regiments to obtain qualified British instructors. He contacted Field Marshal Earl Roberts, Commander-in-Chief of the British Army, who agreed to the concept of regimental alliances.

Earl Dundonald subsequently directed the Commanding Officer of the 48th Highlanders of Canada to contact the Colonel of the Gordon Highlanders in Scotland, and propose a link between the two. Both Regiments were in favour of the idea, and the Gordons applied to the War Office with the proposal. His Majesty King Edward VII approved the first regimental alliance in 1904.

The Royal Winnipeg Rifles have enjoyed a long history with The Rifles from the United Kingdom.

Regimental Affiliations

Regimental Affiliations are loose associations between regiments in the Canadian Forces that share a commonality of dress and drill and traditions, and more significantly, alliances and ties to British Army Regiments. The Royal Winnipeg Rifles have worked alongside all the Canadian rifles regiments in the past, many of which are still currently active.

The Regimental Affiliations page shows lists the current alliances with regiments across Canada.