1. NAME. The name of the organization shall be ROYAL WINNIPEG RIFLES ASSOCIATION, herein referred to as “The Association”, or “the RWRA”.

2. PURPOSE. The specific purposes and obligations of The Association is to assist in maintaining the traditions of, and to further in any way, the interests of the Battalion known as the Royal Winnipeg Rifles and it’s affiliated Cadet Corps. With a view to enabling the Battalion to better serve the needs of the Winnipeg area and the Dominion of Canada, and to promote esprit de corps, friendship and good citizenship among, and in every way to further the interests of those who have been, are now, or may become members of the said Battalion, or attached to any Battalion thereof, whether past, present, or future, or it’s affiliated Cadet Corps.

3. MEMBERSHIP. Any person who is, or has been a member of The Royal Winnipeg Rifles, or attached Battalion, whether past, present or future of the said Battalion, or it’s affiliated Cadet Corps, may become a member of The Association by paying annual dues as prescribed by the Executive. Any person who by their extraordinary interest, activities, or participation, whether in uniform or not, whether they wore the cap badge or not, may be voted into the Association by the Executive as a voting ordinary member. This membership would allow said member full rights, benefits, and obligations, including holding office in said Association. AFFILIATED MEMBER – NON VOTING is a membership open to spouses and significant others, as well as children, and their children’s children of members who have served in the unit, and will be acknowledged by the paying of the Associations donation dues annually. Persons who have not served with the Battalion may be allowed membership as a non-voting ASSOCIATE MEMBER, if said person has the same goals as the Association. All proposed affiliated members must be voted in by a majority of the Association’s Executive. The members of the Association are members in their capacities as civilians, and not as members of the Canada Forces, and accordingly there shall be no distinction between members of the Association by reason of difference of military rank. It being understood that this shall not apply in military or Battalion functions, or in messes or canteens, or in military institutions where regulations, rules, or traditions apply.

Members who have demonstrated or rendered special services or have participated with long service to the Association may be awarded a LIFE MEMBERSHIP by a vote of the Executive of the Association. The criteria for nominations (minimum standard) would be:

a. minimum of paid up, continual membership of 5 (five) years in the Association;

b. held a Committee Office position for 1 (one) or more years;

c. elected into an Executive position for a minimum of 1 (one) or more years;

d. provided extraordinary service to the Association; and

e. nomination to the Executive for consideration and a vote into this prestigious award and recognition by the Association which cane be voted at any time at executive meetings.

4. FINANCE. No part of the income of the Association shall be to the personal profit of, or be paid to any member of the Association by reason of his membership therein. Dues shall be paid on a “donation” basis, and the ability to pay. All bills will be paid by cheque whenever possible.

5. MANAGEMENT. The property, business, and affairs of The Association shall be managed by an elected Executive at the general annual meeting, and will consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer and as many members at large as required to conduct the affairs of the Association.

With a view to furthering the purposes and objectives of The Association, and without limiting any other powers, The Executive, on behalf of The Association shall have the power to:

a. purchase, acquire, accept, receive, whether by way of purchase, grant, donation, gift, devise, bequest, loan or otherwise however to own, hold, control, receive, income from, improve, develop, manage, and subject to any trusts, terms, provisions or conditions attached to the loans, donations, or gifts any property by the donor thereof, to sell, assign, transfer, exchange, lease, let, turn to account, or otherwise in any way dispose of, or deal with, property of every kind and description, whether real or personal and where so ever suited, to establish, assist by grant or otherwise, provide equipment for, maintain and operate club-rooms, canteens and quarters for use by members of The Association;

b. to assist in any way the grants, gifts, loans and prizes, or otherwise howsoever, any charitable or patriotic object, including therein any project of any Battalion of Royal Winnipeg Rifles, the sum not to exceed FIFTEEN HUNDRED dollars ($1,500.00);

c. to invest and, from time to time, re-invest all funds and monies of The Association in securities authorized by the laws of the province for the investment of trust funds. From time to time borrow from any chartered bank or banks or from any corporation or person, such money as may be required for the purpose of the Association, and give promissory notes or other evidence of debt in connection therewith, and, if deemed necessary of expediency, to assign, mortgage or pledge any of its properties or as-sets to secure the repayment of any monies borrowed;

d. to conduct in all other particulars the affairs of the Association. To pass by-laws and to repeal, amend, or re-enact any by-law of The Association; and

e. provided that every by-law repeal, amendment or re-enactment thereof shall have force and effect until the next general meeting of the members of the Association and, in default of confirmation there at, shall cease to have validity, force or effect. Provided further that nothing herein contained shall in any way detract form the flights, powers and privileges of the members in general meetings to make such by-laws or regulations with respect to any of the affairs of The Association as the members see fit. The President can call an extraordinary executive meeting, and the majority vote of the executive is required to alter, repeal, amend any part of the constitution and by-laws to further the Associations cause if it is deemed that an expeditious change is required and cannot wait for the next Annual General Meeting.