The Royal Winnipeg Rifles
Regimental Museum

Fish Creek

The mission of the Royal Winnipeg Rifles museum is to:

  • preserve the history of the Regiment through the collection, preservation and display of military artefacts, pictures, books, documents etc., which pertain to the regiment from its inception in 1883 to the present;
  • provide a training facility to teach Regimental history; and
  • promote and foster within the public a sense of pride in their heritage as shown by the Regiment during its history.

In order to help foster development and ongoing maintenance of the museum and archives any donations would be greatly appreciated. Donations can be made payable to The Royal Winnipeg Rifles Regimental Museum
969 St Matthews Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba R3G 0J7.

The Museum was established in 1970 and The Main Gallery moved to its present location in Room 208 on the second floor of Minto Armoury in 1979.

The library and archives are located in room 109 on the main parade square of Minto Armoury.

In addition to the main gallery, the museum has displays relevant to the Winnipeg Light Infantry and the Winnipeg Grenadiers, as well as to the unit’s role with the United Nations Peacekeeping efforts.

The museum is open year round Tuesdays from 1800 to 2100 hours, and at other times by appointment.

Group tours of students, tourists, and clubs, etc. may be arranged by appointment by calling (204) 786-4300 Ext 3492 (voice mail), or contact us here.