Commanding Officer,
The Royal Winnipeg Rifles

Official Portrait of LCol Sean MoranLieutenant-Colonel Sean P. Moran, CD enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces in July 1989 and went to both RRMC and RMC where he graduated with a degree in History in 1993.  He married Kim on 6 October 1995.  Together they have a beautiful daughter Anika and a handsome son Morgan.  Anika was born 5 June 2000 and Morgan was born 12 October 2005.

Upon completing his infantry training he was posted to 2nd Battalion Prince Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry in Winnipeg in August 1993 and immediately joined deployed to Croatia as a Rifle Platoon Commander, where he took part in the Medak Pocket Operation.  Upon returning to Canada, he commanded a rifle platoon, qualified basic parachutist and, due to a mine incident, was sent back to Croatia as a replacement platoon commander in May 1994, and served with 1 PPCLI.  Returning to Canada, then Lieutenant Moran was qualified Advanced Mortars and was Second in Command and eventually Mortar Platoon Commander.  As a Captain he took Mortar Platoon to Bosnia with 2PPCLI in 1997.  Following Bosnia, he was posted to LFCA HQ in Toronto, where he worked as a staff officer in the G1 and G3 Branch.  During this time he was an assisting officer to the father of one of the initial four Afghanistan casualties.  In 2002 he was posted back to 2 PPCLI and was Training Officer and 2IC of Administration Company.  In 2003, as 2IC Admin, he went to Bosnia again.  In 2004 he was posted to 38 CBH HQ as G3 Ops, attended Staff College in Kingston, and eventually appointed G3 of 38 CBG and promoted to Major.  In 2007, he was an augmentee with TF 1-08 OMLT in Edmonton where he was the unit S3 and served with the unit in Afghanistan from February to September 2008.  Upon return to Canada, he served with the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Studies, and was the only Army Officer on staff in the Air Force Officer Development Program.

Then Major Moran retired from the Regular Force in July 2009 and immediately component transferred to the Primary Reserves.  In September of 2009 he was employed as a Class B reservist for PPCLI RHQ as the 100th Anniversary Regimental Secretary until 12 March 2012.  At the same time he was parading with 38 Service Battalion in Winnipeg as the DCO, he became acting CO in July 2011 during the CO’s deployment overseas and continued as the CO in May 2012.  He completed his time as CO of 38 Svc Bn in February 2015 and was immediately tasked as the CO to The Royal Winnipeg Rifles.