The Regimental Family comprises many elements, all essential to the well being of the Regiment.

The Colonel-in-Chief of The Royal Winnipeg Rifles is His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales. As the patron of the Regiment, his principal role is to provide a direct link between members of the Regiment and their monarch. Keenly interested in his Regiment, he is kept informed of Regimental activities, and pays occasional visits.

The Regimental Senate
The role of Royal Winnipeg Rifles Regimental Senate is to support the CO in every way possible to achieve the operational and training requirements of the Royal Winnipeg Rifles as specified by the military chain of command. As the senior governing body, the Senate is responsible for the Business Plan and the achievement of the goals contained in it.

Honorary Appointments
The Honorary Colonel and the Honorary Lieutenant Colonel have a number of responsibilities which include providing influence to ensure the well-being and perpetuation of the Regiment, providing guidance and assistance in fund-raising efforts, providing advice to the Regimental Senate and the Commanding Officer, representing the Regiment, and visiting troops during ceremonial, social and training events.

The Regimental Association
The Royal Winnipeg Rifles Association is an all ranks organization dedicated to providing support and comradeship to all members of the Regimental Family, past and present.

The Battalion
The Battalion comprises a Battalion HQ, a rifle company and a skeleton Headquarters Company. It is responsible for all training and operational tasks as directed by the chain of command.

Regimental Band
The role of the Royal Winnipeg Rifles Band is to provide musical support to the Canadian Forces. It is the only authorized brass and reed band in 38 Brigade, thereby fulfilling a dual role as the official band of for the Brigade. A sub-unit of the Battalion, the Regimental Band and Bugles are indispensable in the promotion of the Regimental customs and traditions.

Regimental Museum
Opened in 1970, The Regimental Museum of The Royal Winnipeg Rifles was established to be the primary guardians of the artefacts and records of the Regiment.

Regimental Kit Shop
The Regimental Kit Shop is the primary supplier of kit, operational or ceremonial, for all members of the Regimental Family.

Regimental Cadet Corps
The 2295 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps (The Royal Winnipeg Rifles), established in 1947 is the current cadet corps affiliated with the Regiment,. The staff and cadets are invited to Regimental functions and some training exercises.

Note 1 – Responsible to higher HQ on all matters of operations, training, administration and personnel. Responsive to the Senate on Regimental matters including customs, traditions, dress, drill and ceremonial and social events
Note 2 – Responsible to the chain of command
Note 3 – Extra Regimentally Employed personnel include those Riflemen who are employed in an organization other than the Battalion or Band. This could include higher HQ, training organizations or deployment
Note 4 – Responsible to the Commanding Officer for the efficient operation and administration of the Museum. Responsive to the Senate for display plans, and fund-raising
Note 5- The Kit Shop sells to members of the Regiment accoutrements, Regimental souvenirs and articles of kit not provided by the Crown
Note 6 – Extended families include the families of former Riflemen, serving Riflemen, members of the Regimental Senate and Association, and the Royal Winnipeg Rifles Cadet Corps