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The Régiment des Voltigeurs de Québec was founded in 1862 by Lieutenant-Colonel Charles-René-Léonidas de Salaberry, making it the oldest French-Canadian regiment. It was given its name to perpetuate the memory of the illustrious corps of Canadian Voltigeurs who, led by Lieutenant-Colonel Charles-Michel de Salaberry (the father of the Regiment’s founder), defeated the Americans at the battle of Châteauguay. Originally, the Voltigeurs constituted an elite corps and fought on the flanks as sharpshooters. This role required a degree of camouflage, and the Voltigeurs wore dark-coloured uniforms. By tradition, the Regiment still wears black belts and crossbelts. The Voltigeurs de Québec are proud of their traditions and determined to perpetuate them. As a Reserve unit, the role of the Voltigeurs de Québec is to support the Regular Force in meeting Canada’s defence commitments.